Friday, August 29, 2008

Too Exhausted To Love

It has been a long time holding up my sword.
It has been a long time holding up my guard.

It has been a long time refusing to play. 
It has been a long time holding back my tears. 

Dropping my sword is not that hard.
But opening my heart, this brings up my fears.

I feel so exhausted.  The sword has been heavy.
I feel so exhausted.  It has been so long.

I feel so exhausted - too exhausted to love.
How do I start again?  What will I do?

The time is different now.  There is a new way unfolding.
My transition takes time.  I want to rest.

I let down my sword.  I choose to open. 
But I feel so exhausted, too exhausted to love.

The feelings are heavy.  I choose to let them in.
I can feel myself sinking.  Am I able to swim?  

It is okay.  I choose to acknowledge. 
I accept all rhythms.  I accept myself fully.

I accept my exhaustion.  I have compassion and grace.
I honor divine timing.  I have patience.  I can wait.

I honor the process.  I accept my light.
I honor the process.  I embrace my flow.

It won’t be long now.  I am healing.
It won't be long now.  This I know.

 - Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Poems of Light."

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Your Divine Flow

Your spirit is your flow.
Your spirit is the flow that lights you up.
Your spirit is the flow that ignites the love, joy, and happiness that is unique to you.

When you attune to your spirit, you may not always get the answers that you want.
You always get connected to you.

Open to yourself.
Attune to your spirit.
Call on the wisdom of your unique divine essence.

Sense the wisdom that is unique to you.
Feel the love that is uniquely you.
Intend to know the truth that is uniquely yours.

This is an amazing time to discover the beauty and magic of who you are.
This is your time.

- Joe Hurley

The Divine Heart Website: A place for heart wisdom, healing, and pure unconditional love. 

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Waiting Is Over

Inside I had a silent pact,
a silent protest,
a quiet calm.
I wanted the pain and suffering to end
before I played,  
and so I waited.
I had many reasons to reject the joy.
I feared the hurt.
I was uncomfortable and blue.
I wanted to be safe.
I wanted life to get better.
I wanted my dreams to always come true.
But life was not helping.
Things were not getting better.
And so I waited.
I waited to open.
I waited to change.
I waited for peace and for life to get better.
My plan was simple or so I thought. 
I would will to won’t.  
I would be strong as a knot.
I would sacrifice and protest and never bow.
Life would get better, but I did not know how.  
Time went by and to my surprise,
my resistance and sacrifice made me strong
I surmise.
But what I did not see was how I was stuck
or how I was attached to the discomfort in life.
I did not see how this choice caused my strife.
Then one day I awakened.  I decided to see.
I looked at my truth.
I saw the beauty that persisted.
I opened to love.
I saw the light.
It was always there, even though I resisted. 
The wisdom and love bubbled up from inside.
It filled my heart. 
I could no longer hide.  
I felt the joy.   
My love overflowed.
I was happy to know there would be no more waiting.   

There was still resistance, but I did not force.
I acknowledged the path and offered a choice.
I invited each aspect of self into life and respected each voice.      

Some aspects were unsure.
I gave them the space
to open to heart and accept a new place.   

I honored myself.
I accepted what was.
I no longer had to be perfect in order to be me.  

And so today my wait ends,
and gone is my fight,
as I welcome my new way of wisdom and light.

 - Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Poems of Light."

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