Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Healing Waterfall

Acceptance transforms,
inner eye opens,
realizations are instant.
I am sitting in a meadow
that is high up in the mountains. 

Silent for a while,
I get used to the freedom.
I welcome the open space.
I am calm.
I settle in.

There are sensations in my body.
I feel the joy. I feel the pain.
I am clear.  I am unsure.
What do I do?

I have time, endless time,
and so I open.
I allow.

Suddenly the rain,
falling rain, pouring rain,
creates a waterfall.
And so I open.

I get up, walk over,
stand for a moment
and then sit underneath the soothing flow.

My deeper pain comes up.
I let it come up into the light, into the healing flow.

Trauma turns to red, then to black, to brown,
and to gray.
My discomfort washes out of me
in a free-flowing cleansing fall.

Down the mountain,
over the cliff,
into the mist, it disappears.
Washing away, I allow.
Into the shadows it disappears
into the dark and empty void.

Letting go, I release.
I cleanse my system.
I am healing.
Releasing it all:
I am free.

Thoughts and feelings stirring,
all releasing, they all let go.
Suddenly disorientation and confusion overwhelm.
I question what.
I question why.

The old way is going.
Fading, releasing, fully releasing,
it is going, truly going,
and then suddenly it is gone.

The deepest part of me is free,
free to be,
and so I honor this new space.

It is freedom,
very strange,
I embrace the new.

Expansion creates new choices
and new ways outside the box.
No longer restricted,
I open deeper.
I accept me.

I breathe easier. 
I am free.

- Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Poems of Light."

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Accepting Our Human & Embracing Our Divine

Being a spirit (fairy, angel, etc.) does not hurt. Being human sometimes does hurt. This is why there is resistance to being human. We experience fear and pain.

The magic of being a divine being in human form is that we get to experience more than just what hurts. We get to experience the passion, the pleasure, the joy, and more. We get to care. We get to love. We get to bring our divine fully into this human experience.
It is our divine that allows us to flow with pure love, grace, compassion, and joy.

Yes, we may resist being human when we open to our fear and our pain, but when we open to our spirit, we become the divine in human form. We transcend the fear and the hurt.  We become divine human beings of light wisdom and love, co-creating with each other in love and light.

It all starts with accepting that we are divine beings in human form and also remembering that we are human beings within the divine oneness.

(This is in response to a great essay by Elizabeth Saenz who provides many cool fairy messages on her website www.theexpandedgateway.com.)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Journey Into Being

Our being is what we trust.
It is a trust in the moment.
It is a trust in our being in each moment.
It is a trust in our awareness of the messages that come from within us in each moment.
It is a trust in our inner voice, hunch, deeper sense, gut feeling, divine wisdom, and heartfelt love.
It is a trust in what we care about and who we are in each moment.

In this moment, many in the world are consumed with external focus.
But many people are shifting out of this one-dimensional focus.  
Many people are learning to trust being from the inside out.

From the inner state of being, there can be a true letting go.
There can be a true stepping beyond focus, structure, limits, and future.
There can be a true living in the moment.

This shift is an expansion into a new conscious reality. 
Imagine connecting with plants, animals, nature, and other forms of life in a natural state of being.
There is so much life, so much consciousness, so many pure beings, all living in the moment with little external, conceptual, time, or space agenda.
Think of connecting with all beings in the natural state of just being.

In this space of being, we can connect with our heart.  
We can connect with our wisdom and love.
We can connect with our divine. 

We can go deeper into our experience and know our true signature in a unique way.
We can differentiate and individuate.
We can then celebrate the uniqueness of each other as we connect in the oneness of all that is. 

This is a new way to operate in human form. 
We are in a true process of transformation.
It is a process of letting go of external addictions and conceptual attachments.
It a process of letting go of past and future distractions. 
It is a process of truly awakening to what is in each moment. 

It is about clearing up and releasing limited beliefs based on long held distortions and illusions.
It is about releasing all that is no longer in alignment with our true authentic self.
It is about truly reconnecting with the real self, in the present, deep within the density of human form.
It is about truly connecting with all life, from a place of honor, respect, wisdom, love, and light. 

In this moment, during this transformation it is lonely at times (individuation), it is painful at times (letting go of old ways), it is surreal at times (opening to the new and unknown), it is empty at times (getting used to having no agenda, judgment, rule, or role), and yet from the larger-picture perspective the transformation is amazing.

It is about coming into unique, individuated, multidimensional wholeness. 
It is about coming into the pure divine oneness connection with all that is, as a unique, individuated, whole, multidimensional being.

We are taking this step with our consciousness.
We are bringing our consciousness into all levels of our being.
We are becoming conscious.

This is our true unfolding, expanding, and blossoming.
This is our coming to life!

- Joe Hurley


Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 2010!

The Divine Heart Newsletter
New Year 2010 Edition

What a powerful time of year this is. I hope you all had a great holiday season.

Are you ready for a truly amazing 2010?

The wisdom is here.

The love is here.

The light is here.

Do you feel it?

Are you ready to let it in?

It is all here for you.

Let it in.

Let in the wisdom and love, the joy and happiness, the abundance and well being, at a speed that is most loving for you now!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have been creating and writing divine materials for the past 25 years or so.

Today, and each day, I am blessed to have the opportunity to live what I have been writing.

Each day is a new opportunity to be a divine presence.

Each moment is a new moment to come fully into life.

Each moment is a new moment to truly dance the divine dance.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Peace, blessings, and have a wonderful and happy 2010!

Joe Hurley