Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Healing Waterfall

Acceptance transforms,
inner eye opens,
realizations are instant.
I am sitting in a meadow
that is high up in the mountains. 

Silent for a while,
I get used to the freedom.
I welcome the open space.
I am calm.
I settle in.

There are sensations in my body.
I feel the joy. I feel the pain.
I am clear.  I am unsure.
What do I do?

I have time, endless time,
and so I open.
I allow.

Suddenly the rain,
falling rain, pouring rain,
creates a waterfall.
And so I open.

I get up, walk over,
stand for a moment
and then sit underneath the soothing flow.

My deeper pain comes up.
I let it come up into the light, into the healing flow.

Trauma turns to red, then to black, to brown,
and to gray.
My discomfort washes out of me
in a free-flowing cleansing fall.

Down the mountain,
over the cliff,
into the mist, it disappears.
Washing away, I allow.
Into the shadows it disappears
into the dark and empty void.

Letting go, I release.
I cleanse my system.
I am healing.
Releasing it all:
I am free.

Thoughts and feelings stirring,
all releasing, they all let go.
Suddenly disorientation and confusion overwhelm.
I question what.
I question why.

The old way is going.
Fading, releasing, fully releasing,
it is going, truly going,
and then suddenly it is gone.

The deepest part of me is free,
free to be,
and so I honor this new space.

It is freedom,
very strange,
I embrace the new.

Expansion creates new choices
and new ways outside the box.
No longer restricted,
I open deeper.
I accept me.

I breathe easier. 
I am free.

- Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Poems of Light."

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