Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The cool thing about freedom is that to experience it, I do not have to worry about what is.
I simply release my attachment to what is.
When I let go of attachment, I flow freely.

I am free to flow in and out of any system and follow any rule or role.
I am free to open to any shift or take any expansion step.
I am free to take any step that my heart desires.

Freedom does not stop the voices that say what I should do or be.
Freedom does not stop the voices that say what is expected of me.
Freedom does not stop the voices that express fear about what might happen if I take a certain path.

Freedom is that I am more than these voices.
I am also my voices of wisdom, love, compassion, and joy.

Today, my wisdom tells me that this is my time to really experience my path of living purely in the moment.
Today, my compassion helps me through the difficult times.
Today, my love shows me that I am fine and that all is well.
Today, my joy reminds me to lighten up and appreciate what works each day in my life.

I appreciate being able to experience freedom.
I appreciate the chance to follow my heart in each moment, to say yes to my joy in each second, and to open to my divine wisdom and guidance each step of the way.

Yes, sometimes the old ways hold on tight.
In these cases, I acknowledge the beauty of the old ways.
I honor what is.
I honor what has been.
I open to my wisdom and love.
I honor what is about to become.

The magic of freedom is that it allows me to truly acknowledge what has been.
It allows me to truly accept what is.
It allows me to truly embrace what is about to be.

Today, I let go of the old concepts of what “should be.”
Today, I let go of the old thoughts of what “could be” and what is “supposed to be.”
Today, I open and accept who I am.
Today, I open and accept my freedom.

- Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Arc of Being: Volume 3."

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