Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Accepting Our Human & Embracing Our Divine

Being a spirit (fairy, angel, etc.) does not hurt. Being human sometimes does hurt. This is why there is resistance to being human. We experience fear and pain.

The magic of being a divine being in human form is that we get to experience more than just what hurts. We get to experience the passion, the pleasure, the joy, and more. We get to care. We get to love. We get to bring our divine fully into this human experience.
It is our divine that allows us to flow with pure love, grace, compassion, and joy.

Yes, we may resist being human when we open to our fear and our pain, but when we open to our spirit, we become the divine in human form. We transcend the fear and the hurt.  We become divine human beings of light wisdom and love, co-creating with each other in love and light.

It all starts with accepting that we are divine beings in human form and also remembering that we are human beings within the divine oneness.

(This is in response to a great essay by Elizabeth Saenz who provides many cool fairy messages on her website