Thursday, June 26, 2008

Communicating Wisdom and Love To Heal Discomfort

We all experience discomfort at one point or another in our lives. And many people have been experiencing some intense discomfort lately. One of my favorite methods of healing discomfort is through wise and loving communication.

It is truly amazing to experience healing peace, calm, and harmony within self and situation. And this is accomplished when the energies creating discomfort are listened to, honored, and respected, from a place of wisdom and love.

Are you experiencing symptoms of discomfort or dis-ease? Would you like to experience a new kind of healing?

Through wise and loving communication, you can open to the relationship between the symptomatic energies interacting within your self and situation and you can get to the cause of the conflict or contradiction between those energies.

Give it a try! Attune to your symptom. Listen, honor, and respect the message or messages being communicated. Even if you don’t like what is being said within your self or situation, when you come from love and wisdom, you will notice amazing results.

What are your symptoms telling you? What do the energies within your self and situation say is the problem, issue, conflict, or contradiction? The energies creating your discomfort and dis-ease will respond to you when you ask and when you listen to them from a place of respect. And as you listen and dialogue with respect, the energies within your self and situation listen and dialogue back.

What would you like to say to the energies in discomfort? By all means express your anger, frustration, disappointment, and any other honest feelings. But also remember to come from your wisdom and love.

Your heart is a great place to find your deepest wisdom and love. You will be amazed at how quickly your self and situation heal when you respond to the energies of discomfort and dis-ease from the place of wisdom and love that lives within your heart.

To fully experience the process of healing discomfort through your wisdom and love, simply follow these four steps:

Step One: Attune To The Symptom. Talk to the symptom directly. Get to know the issue. If there is discomfort, truly become present to it. Face it and literally attune to it. Sense it, feel it, and know it. What does it represent in your life? What is the source? Can you get pictures around it? What are the energies saying?

Step one is where you truly attune and listen. You ask specific questions and you become clear. You become present and you recognize the energies that are creating your dis-ease, disharmony, symptom, or issue.

Step Two: Attune To Your Response. How are you reacting to the information coming up? Are you calm? Are you at peace? Are you open to what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, or sensing? Are you filled with victim energy? Are you filled with impatience? Do you have anger, or the desire to control? Are you relaxed and willing to open to a new way?

In this second step, you are listening to any fight or flight reactions that come up from within you to be expressed. You are giving yourself the space to flow and respond instinctively and naturally from any patterns, filters, distortions, or old ways that you hold inside. In this step you are giving yourself the space to get to know all your responses with regard to your symptom, discomfort, dis-ease or issue.

Step Three: Attune To Wisdom and Love. Once you have attuned to the energies of your discomfort, and to the energies responding to your discomfort, you are aware of the different sides of your issue creating conflict, contradiction, and your symptom. Step three is the time to transcend the different energies of the issue and access your wisdom and love.

In this step you make the choice to open to your higher self, to the divine wisdom of your higher consciousness, and to the wisdom and love in your divine heart. This divine shift transforms your reality. You become unplugged from any reaction that you may have toward your discomfort, dis-ease, symptom, or issue. You plug into the divine wisdom, grace, and light that you are.

You are beyond your symptom. You are beyond your reaction to your symptom. You are the wise, clear and loving being that is your higher vibrational divine self. 

As you sense and know the divine aspects of your dynamic, from the perspective of your higher self, divine spirit and divine heart, you begin to sense more clearly your divine relationship to your symptom. This enables you to understand the larger concept of what is happening, and it helps you to see the higher truth of your situation. The divine information gives you the ability to respond now to your symptom, and to any reaction you have to your symptom, from a place of pure wisdom, grace, compassion, and unconditional love.  

Step Four: Act From Divine Wisdom and Love. You may be used to relating to your self and situation from within your old patterns, and from within your old ways. You may be used to acting from the survival instincts of primal fight and flight. Step four is the time when you respect all fear-based programming and then you act from wisdom and love.

You are a divine being. You are a being of wisdom, love, and light. Acting from divine wisdom and love means you come from your heart, and you come from your divine wisdom. As a being of divine wisdom and love, you heal a situation simply by coming from a place of respect and acceptance. You transform dis-ease simply by radiating compassion. You lighten a dynamic simply by being your joy and happiness.

The beauty of this process is you being you.

Joe Hurley

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