Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Opening To Your Divine Flow

What really happens when you open to your divine flow?

You may become hyperaware and supersensitive.
You may notice new levels of joy and happiness.
You may experience new sensitivities to light and sound.
You may feel impacted by a sudden awareness of energetic blocks and restrictions to your flow.

Awareness is different during the initial stages of awakening.
You may become aware with intense clarity of the people and systems that help you.
You may become agitated with people that create problems for you.
You may sense with amazing wonder the awe of life around you.
You may become overwhelmed with a deeper awareness of pain, suffering, loneliness, and despair.

You are unique.   
Your situation is unique.
You may awaken gently and slowly over long periods of time.
You may awaken quickly and intensely through one or more transformational events.
You may go deep into your process and bring up complex dynamics to clear.
You may expand outward and go into the divine realms to discover new levels of wisdom, love, and light. 

No matter how you open to your divine flow, as you embrace your awakening you gain a deeper confidence in opening to life.
You gain the ability to see, sense, and know the wholeness of life that exists beyond the limits and illusions of standard thought.
You gain a deeper awareness of your true divine essence and you begin to fully realize and accept that you are a true source of divine wisdom, love, and light, right here in human form.

- Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Parables of Light."

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