Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Unfamiliar

Right now, many of you are experiencing some unfamiliar times. I can relate. But what is the unfamiliar?

As I sink into life, I understand that change is to be expected. With change, we move from one set of dynamics to another. We move from one job to another. We move from one house to another. We move from one city to another. But what happens when we change our jobs, housing, geographical locations, relationships and we don’t know where we are going?

This is the unfamiliar.

Many of us today are making changes in life, without knowing the outcome. We are stepping into the unfamiliar.

Internally, we are stepping into a totally new way of being. Externally, we are birthing a totally new way of co-creating.

We are evolving.

When we truly let go of outdated concepts, rules, roles, and old ways of being, it is expected that we step into the unfamiliar. It is expected that our situations will at times seem surreal.

These unfamiliar times can be scary. It can be uncomfortable having no idea what to do about work, money, housing, or relationships. The discomfort is normal.

It is o.k. to welcome the fear.

Invite all aspects of self into love.

You may be experiencing fear, but you are love.

You can love all parts of the self that are uncomfortable.

You can reassure your self that all is well.

As a being of love (which we all are) these times of the unfamiliar can also be adventurous.

Take a moment and open up to divine essence. Take a moment and connect with divine awareness. With divine awareness, we sense divine timing. We understand the magic and mystery of the unknown. We open and appreciate the wonderful and the miraculous.

In these times of the unfamiliar, we have amazing access to our knowing. We are fully aware of the uncertainty, but we also know.

We know that all is well.

We know that all outcomes are o.k.

We know that love is everywhere.

With this knowing, we can relax in the unfamiliar, open to the joy, and celebrate life.

We can fly!

Joe Hurley
(Excerpt from my spring 2008 newsletter)

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