Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Are The Dance

You are the dance,
between what you are,
and what you hold.

You are the dance,
between what you are,
and what you have created.

You are your physical experience,
sensory experience,
emotion & thought.

You are a divine presence,
different from what was.
You are a divine presence that is right now.

Open to who you are with courage.
Become fully present to what you hold.
Open with dignity and grace.

Open to your wisdom.
Know your experience.
Know the essence of who you are from within each experience.

You are wisdom in fluid motion.
You are light fully gleaming.
You are joy truly radiating.
You are love fully being.

Joe Hurley

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love Simple

Unconditional love is a love so simple.
Pure wisdom is a knowing that is so sweet.
The divine plan is a plan that is so simple.
A path, a purpose: a way of being: so complete.

Much more than a direction or following a line;
it is more like a movement that flows beyond time.
Like a dance and a rhythm; it is truly amazing.
It is beautiful and magical and truly fulfilling.

What is this new way that I am seeing?
It is a simple way of loving and living and being.
It is accepting and honoring of path and of vision.
It is embracing the old and embracing the new.

This is a time for living and loving.
This is a time to be and to do.
This is a way of pure divine wisdom.
This is a way of love that is simple and true.

Joe Hurley