Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Ten Favorite Concepts About Life

Please enjoy my favorite concepts about energy, consciousness, healing, ascension, evolution, awakening, divine relationships, and more. 
The information that I get from my divine higher consciousness has transformed my reality and my way of life. 
I hope this information will make a wonderful difference in your life as well.

The Speed Of Love

There are so many energies going in so many different directions. 
Some are in a hurry, while some are going slow. 
Some are considerate and some are trying to force their way.  

Many energies of power, control, and force exist outside the speed of love. 
It is easy to get hurt, overwhelmed, exhausted, and overrun by these energies.

The speed of love is the blueprint for the new way. 
It is the hologram for all vibrations to go at a speed that is love.

Consciousness itself is evolving into this new divine flow.
Attune to the divine consciousness and sense the speed of love. 

Take the time to attune to the speed of love.
Ask your body, emotions, and mind to attune to the speed that is love. 

Even if you have no idea what you are doing and you cannot sense anything, simply meditate on the speed of love.
This will help your system calm down, relax, and go at a pace that is perfect for all aspects of your being.

The Harmony Of All Songs

Everything in life is vibrational consciousness.  
You are a note within a cosmos of millions of notes. 
You are a song within a cosmos of millions of songs.   
Together you and all the other vibrations of life make up the divine oneness.

When you access the divine state, you sense and know the harmony of all songs. 
When you assist all your notes coming into divine harmony, you become a part of the multidimensional harmony of all songs.   

When things get crazy, visualize, pray, and attune to the speed of love.
Open to the divine state of oneness.
Sense and become one with the harmony of all songs.

Opening To It All

When you become familiar with the speed of love and the harmony of all songs, you begin to feel safe opening. 
When all aspects of your being are in the frequency of love and going at the speed of love, you open. 
You open to it all and you are okay.

Since you are constantly evolving, this opening is a process. 
The first step is to attune to love and experience harmony within yourself.
Then you can begin to open to that which is around you in a new expanded way.

When opening, you may become overwhelmed.
You may become confronted by energies of force or power-over that are disrespectful and uncomfortable. 
Stick with the process.
Continue to open to and gain access to the energies of divine wisdom, love, compassion, and grace to help you through your situations. 

Open to it all at a speed that is love.
Get used to being in the pure state of love. 
Get used to going at the speed of love. 
Get used to being in harmony with all songs. 
Get used to embracing your divine wisdom, love, and light and it will get easier to open to it all and be present in your everyday life situations. 

Embracing All Rhythms

Embracing all rhythms is another way of being open to it all. 
Embrace each rhythm. 
Feel the majesty of each note, each song, and each dynamic within the harmony of all songs. 
Embrace each consciousness.
Begin to sense the joy, the wonder, and the awe of each living pulse.

Letting It All Go

After opening to it all and embracing all rhythms, let it all go. 
There is no need to hold onto anything. 
Open to it all, enjoy each experience, and then let go. 
Let it all go and flow.

Divine Affinity

Divine affinity is divine connection.
When you are open to it all and you are not attached to anything, then divine affinity is the power that brings you together in perfect harmony, at the perfect speed of love.
When you open to divine affinity, you never have to effort or struggle.  
Simply relax and allow divine affinity to guide you. 

Relaxing The Will Centers

You may be used to holding it together with your will. 
The stronger your will, the more powerful you have been. 
You set up tests of will, battles of will, and other games of will. 
This has been an amazing way of being. 
You have created many things by taking aspects of reality and shaping it with your will. 

There comes a time when the game simply loses its joy.  
There comes a time when the battle between wills becomes boring. 
There comes a time when trying to hold it all together with the will becomes exhausting.   There comes a time when you simply evolve your consciousness and open to new way of being.

This new way exists beyond the will. 
When you open to the next level of your existence, you don't have to will yourself anymore. 
You simply relax. 
You get to relax. 
You relax your will centers, let go, open to it all, and allow divine affinity to work with you and through you. 

It may take some time to help your will centers to relax.
They are used to protecting you. 
They are used to keeping up the fight-or-flight dynamic for your survival.

What an amazing job your will centers have done.  
There is nothing wrong with doing a great job surviving.
Today, you get to move beyond survival.
Today, you have the opportunity to help your will centers relax and open to the divine. 

You can help your primal aspect of consciousness to connect with the energies of divine wisdom, love, and light.   
With this new connection, you have a new purpose that is beyond survival.
You now get to truly live.

Expanding Beyond Duality

Expanding beyond duality happens when you expand your mind past your dualistic thoughts and into the thoughts of your divine higher consciousness.   
In this divine consciousness, you move beyond all forms of judgment. 
You move beyond right and wrong. 
You move beyond good and bad. 
You move beyond rules and roles. 
You truly let go and expand your consciousness into an entirely new place of being. 

Does this mean you live in total chaos? 
The answer is no. 
When you let go of all judgment and move beyond the polarization consciousness of good and bad, right and wrong, and all dualistic thought, you move into a state of pure divine being. 
You open to it all and you allow your true divine essence to guide you from a higher place of divine wisdom, unconditional love, and divine knowing. 

When you open your consciousness, and you expand beyond duality, you open to who and what you truly are as divine essence.
You open to your true divine I Am.  

The Divine Project

The divine project is the completion of the old way and the creation of the new way.  
You are a part of this project.  

It is a massive step to open beyond the rules, roles, programs, and structures of conceptual and group thought.    
It is total freedom. 
It can be scary. 
It takes courage and grace. 
It takes divine inspiration. 

It is all about divine timing. 
You do not have to effort. 
Relax and allow what is happening to happen.

You are aware of your body
You are aware of your emotions. 
You are aware of your mental structures, concepts, rules, and roles.  
Now you are awakening to the world of intuition, spirit, and divine essence.
You are opening to your true and authentic divine I Am.

The divine project is the project of taking your consciousness, (body, emotion, and mind) into awareness of this new way of being that exists beyond the physical, emotional, or mental. 
You are expanding and reconnecting your human systems with the higher vibrational realms of your spirit essence and the divine.  

As you open to your true and authentic divine I Am and bring your spirit essence into your human self and situation, your human is honored and respected in a new way.
You differentiate from all that you are not.
You individuate from all that is.
You become your true self.
You begin to love and care for yourself on all levels.

Opening To The Divine Heart

When the mind is overwhelmed, open the heart.
When the heart is overwhelmed, open to the divine heart. 

At different times in your evolutionary process, you have followed your body instincts, you have responded to your emotional impulses, and you have willed your way through reality from the place of your mind.
Most of the time your heart had to be shut off or disconnected from the process. 
Now it is time to reconnect all aspects of your being with your heart.

Reconnecting fully to your heart can hurt.
The best way to reconnect all aspects of your body, emotions, and mind with your heart is to open to what hurts and then connect with your divine heart. 

Your divine heart is the higher vibrational aspect of your human heart. 
It is the higher vibrational aspect of your core being. 

Your divine heart operates at the speed of love. 
Your divine heart operates within the harmony of all songs. 
Your divine heart embraces all rhythms. 
Your divine heart is open to it all and lets it all go. 

Beyond duality, beyond will, beyond attachment, and beyond control, your divine heart is simply connected to all in a higher vibrational way.

As you learn to reconnect, simply open your heart and experience what is there.
Now open to your divine heart and connect with the pure divine wisdom and pure unconditional love that is the real you.
Open to your divine heart and become one with your true divine I Am.

- Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Arc of Being: Volume 7."

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