Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Wisdom Of Waves

There are waves washing over us each moment.
These energy pulses of higher vibrational information are telling us something.

Often, there is resistance to knowing this information.   
The walls go up and there is a defending of the old ways.
Resistance makes sense.  
Change is awkward.  
The unfamiliar is scary.
Resistance creates discomfort.  
Reaction to discomfort creates more discomfort.  
The waves keep coming.  
We become exhausted.
Eventually struggle turns to surrender, and we let go.
We open up to the waves.
We awaken to the new information.
Each wave is one of an endless flow of many.
Each pulsation carries information with purpose.
Each piece of information is designed to bring clarity and direction to a world unfolding.
The wisdom of the waves shows us how to build connection with our divine essence.  
Our divine essence shows us how to build a new unity within ourselves and with each other.
As we accept this wisdom of waves, our illusions crumble.  
Our pain is faced and released.   
There is deep healing.
We open to love.
We reconnect with the whole.

When confusion and chaos abound.  
And sadness and pain overwhelm.  
Attune to the wisdom of the waves.
The waves are here to help.    

Joe Hurley
An excerpt from my book, Parables of Light

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