Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Awakening

Awakening is the evolutionary process of expanding awareness. 
There is always awakening. 
There is no beginning or end to the process of awakening. 
Sometimes the awakening process is accelerated. 

An accelerated series of awakening steps happened to me right after I let go of processing reality in terms of duality. 
I let go of seeing life in terms of right or wrong. 
I let go of seeing life in terms of good or bad. 
I allowed my mind to transcend the dualistic way of thinking. 

Letting go and transcending was a process.
Each time I let go and transcended my old way of thinking, I would go into a space of emptiness and darkness.  I would experience the unknown. 
The dark and empty unknown was scary, but I stayed present and faced my fear.

Over time, I realized that I was not hurt by the fear. 
I was not afraid of the fear. 
In fact, I had no problem simply being in the unknown, opening to the fear, and listening to my senses.

As I listened and sensed from a place beyond duality consciousness, beyond the ego, and beyond the mind, I became fully present to something truly amazing - I discovered a larger, expanded, divine reality. 

In the stillness of my being, within my expanded state of consciousness, while fully present to the dark and empty unknown, the subtle energies of higher consciousness came alive. 
There were many unique aspects of divine reality being shown to me.
I was in awe. 
I wanted to know more.

The most powerful experience came when I suddenly realized that I could sense, feel, and know my own divine essence.
This is when I began to truly believe in my unique higher self.

Over time, with each new experience transcending my mind and going into the space of expanded consciousness, it became easier for me to be present to, listen to, and sense my spirit essence. 
It became easier for me to sense, feel, and know my divine wisdom, love, and light.   
It became easier for me to be present to, listen to, and sense the divine in those around me.

Today, I continue to listen to, sense, and be present to what exists within my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of self.  I continue to awaken to many new levels of consciousness.  And with each new step of awakening, I know with more wisdom and clarity that we are each divine beings of wisdom, love, and light.

- Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Parables of Light."

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