Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spiral Home

When you feel separate from your divine essence, there is a spiral of energy that you can tap into to reconnect.                               

It is called the love spiral.                         

The love spiral comes from deep within the heart and expands outward into the divine.        

The love spiral takes you back. 

It takes you back home.            

It takes you back to you. 

Attune to love and you are home.

Joe Hurley

A Source of Light

We are each a source of light. 
Love, joy, beauty, wisdom, and kindness: these energies radiate naturally from us. There is no effort needed. 
These energies are us.

Many people ask, "Why do we feel uncomfortable if this is who we are?"
We feel uncomfortable when we have layers of energy that cover, distort, and block to some degree our true essence. When these older energies contradict with our true essence, the contradiction creates the discomfort.
The more we face, respect, and release these uncomfortable older layers of energy, the more we begin to experience a harmony within our multidimensional being.  

When we are in harmonious alignment with our light, our divine essence amplifies through our human reality.   
We become the power of the divine in human form. 
We become heaven on earth.

We are currently in the process of awakening to our divine essence within our human energy systems. 
We are each moving forward with our awakening at the pace that is just right for us. 

Fears come up as we awaken.  
Fear not the process of awakening.  
Awakening leads to divine wisdom. 
We are divine wisdom, divine love, and divine joy.

We are each a beautiful source of light.

Joe Hurley

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When you expand the human mind into the divine mind you move from a place of thinking to a place of knowing.
You attune to wisdom.

When attuned to wisdom, you are confident.
You are clear and precise.

There is no doubt.
There is no fear.

There is no dissonance.
There is no distraction or division.

You are at peace.

You know.

Joe Hurley

(an excerpt from my book Parables of Light)


Allow the divine energy of love into yourself.
Feel the warmth.
Feel the healing.
The transformation is powerful…
you become warmth.

Radiating like a bright yellow sun,
touching the world with positive action,
you create a love impact.

Your unfolding spiraling, wave of joy, ripples throughout reality.


you are a source of light!

Joe Hurley
(excerpt from my book Parables of Light)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Are

You are a divine being.
I invite you to access your true divine heart.

Take a moment and unplug from any energetic impulses that may be taking you deeper into darkness, pain and suffering.
Take a moment and set your intent to be free from any energy entanglements, attachments, and old ways that are causing discomfort.

Take a moment and access the intent that is within you to awaken.

Open your heart to your reality that is beyond.
Open your heart to a place that is your divine.

In this place, connect with your divine knowing, your divine sensing, and your divine essence.
Open and truly feel, sense, and flow, from within your divine heart pulse.

When the mind is overwhelmed and/or confused, you can always go into this pulse of your divine heart.
When the heart is filled with sadness, sorrow, heaviness, or heartache, you can always go into this pulse of your divine heart.

Your divine heart pulse is your center.
Your divine heart pulse is your nexus, connecting your human self with your divine essence.

Center from within your divine heart and you will become your divine essence in human form.
Center within your divine heart and pulse.

Connect deeper within your divine heart pulse and attune to your divine plan.
You are here experiencing second, third, and fourth dimensional reality for a reason.
From deep within your divine intent you have a path.
You are a purpose.

Open your eyes to the world around you and take a new expanded look.
Things are not what they have seemed.

Sense and know your truth, your divine truth.
Sense and know your heart wisdom, your divine heart wisdom.
Sense and know your love, your pure divine heart love.

Remember you are in, but also beyond, this second, third, and fourth dimensional matrix.
You are a part of the divine.

Open to your divine heart and know who you really are.
Open to, see and acknowledge the outside, from within the divine place that is your inside.

You are a beautiful light.


Joe Hurley

Ten Focus Areas For Healing

The following is a general list of what I keep in mind when looking within a person’s energy fields.

Karma: In this area you have the karmic patterns from past lives as stored in your soul/spirit.

Genetic/Ancestral: In this area you have the patterns of consciousness held in your cells that carry your genetic information. This information is from before you were born and is considered your ancestral line.

Emotional: In this area you hold the emotional consciousness of memories, associations, reaction patterns, and other learned responses from your present life up to this time.

Analytical: This is the outer area of the brain and is most often associated with conscious thought patterns and mental interpretations of reality and these thoughts also create emotional and other states of being.

Subconscious: This is the area around the head and mind that carries all the data of life-experiences without analytical interpretation but with associations and connector consciousness. This area is the source of many reactions, hooks, and trigger responses.

Primal Consciousness: This is the very inner cortex of the brain that houses the fight/flight response, primitive thought foundations, primal memories, control patterns, and issues of will.

Chakras: The chakras are subtle energy centers or light engines within and around the body that create and hold many unique patterns of consciousness. Each energy center/engine has a specific meaning and purpose. The information is unique as it transcends the different dimensional levels.

External Energy Relationships: Each person is an energy system that relates to other energy systems in multidimensional ways. Scan the entire system to see how one is relating to other energies and how those relationships are creating and impacting the different patterns of consciousness. The main dynamics to look at include friends, family, intimate partners, co-workers, pets, other nonhuman life forms, energy from the media, group energies, race consciousness energies, and other energies from other dimensions.

Electromagnetic Fields: Other areas looked at include the client’s poles, polarity, E.M. fields, and grounding cords. These are areas of energy that are constantly rebalancing and realigning as the shifts in consciousness occur.

Spiritual Gifts and Other Dimensional Information. Many times there are gifts in the soul/spirit or located in the higher dimensions that are waiting to be brought into physical awareness and/or ready to be placed into the area of consciousness being worked with. And many times the angels, guides and ascended spiritual masters have gifts to offer relating to the issue being dealt with, or with the client’s next step. Examples of gifts that can be brought in include sacred messages, activation of key points, symbols that transmit special energy, holy shields, and more.

Joe Hurley

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When True Joy Blossoms

Movement is the seed from which true joy blossoms.

Sometimes movement can lead to pain.
We may fear.
We may fight.
We may stop movement.

To stop moving is to become stuck.

Movement is the seed from which true joy blossoms.

There is healing when we open gently and we begin to move again.
There is healing when we open to our divine flow, connect with our divine wisdom, and accept pure unconditional love.

Movement is the seed from which our divine joy blossoms.

There is healing when we face our pain and face our fight.
There is healing when we face our fear, move through our stuckness, and open to our light.

Healing happens when we truly open our hearts and breathe in the love and wisdom that we are.

This is when our true joy blossoms.

Joe Hurley

Healing Discomfort

“Discomfort is not a problem to be solved, not an enemy to be fought, not a monster to escape from; but instead an energetic relationship within, to be owned with courage and grace, and transformed through total acceptance, divine wisdom, and love.”
Joe Hurley

We all experience discomfort at one point or another in our lives. And many people have been experiencing some intense discomfort lately. In this article, I focus on the subject of healing discomfort.

As an energy sensitive person, I sense disharmony in very acute ways. I sense disharmony both internally within myself and externally within the dynamics around me.

Earlier in life, I became lost in the discomfort I sensed. I became so lost that I adopted an identity of being a victim. Thank goodness those days are gone. Today, I have expanded my consciousness and my identity beyond the role of victim and beyond any role that I choose to play. Today, from an expanded place of consciousness, I have much more freedom and choice with regard to the energy dynamics that I choose to work with, play with, and create.

Today, when I sense disharmony and discomfort, I take the time to really face it, sense it, listen to it and learn from it. And then, I shift. Instead of getting stuck in it, I open up to my higher self and I ask for divine wisdom.

Sometimes, I get clear information immediately to help me. Other times I get nothing, but hours later when I am not thinking about it, the wisdom and support that I need to resolve the disharmony comes in to heal the discomfort. In every case, when I ask for divine wisdom and help, I always receive the help that I need.

There are many gifts that come from the higher frequencies of divine awareness. My favorites are the energies of courage, grace, wisdom, and love. These are the tools of lighter consciousness that always come when I ask for help. These are the energies of light that are available to all of us when we choose to open and heal.

We are each beings of light consciousness. When we accept the lighter and higher vibrational parts of our self, we heal, and we begin to create the loving joyful life that we truly desire.

If you are experiencing discomfort right now then turn and look at it directly. Listen to it. Sense it. Feel it. Hear what it saying and know it completely.

Discomfort is communicating to you. Open to this communication. You may not like the dynamic now, but open to the wisdom of the communication and respect the source of your discomfort. Discomfort exists for a reason. As you understand this, you gain the key to healing your discomfort.

If you get confused by your discomfort or lost in your reaction to your discomfort, then remember to open to the wisdom and love of your higher consciousness. And remember to let go of control. Let the clarity and support come in ways never before imagined.

There is an unlimited supply of courage, grace, wisdom, and unconditional love flowing through your fields to help and support you. These energies are free and available to you, right now. These energies are you.

With courage, you can face anything. With divine wisdom, you can become clear in any situation. With grace you can let go and accept unconditional love within any dynamic.

Simply take a moment and ask your divine energies to guide you, inspire you, and heal you. Give permission, open, and receive.

This is your time.

Joe Hurley

The Divine Heart

The human heart is amazing in its ability to experience love, wisdom, compassion and caring. The human heart is amazing in its ability to experience sadness, disappointment and sorrow.

Living life with a full and open heart means opening to it all and accepting the passion, mystery and flow of life. Living with a full and open heart also means accepting each powerful impact when the flow of life hits hard.

What happens when the passion of life brings sadness, sorrow and disappointment beyond the human ability to tolerate? Patterns of reaction, defensive protection, and other survival instincts take over and there is separation from the heavy and broken heart. Unfortunately there is also separation from the deep love, joy, and caring for life. And so life has been.

But times are changing. New energies have been entering the physical plane in amazing ways. These energies continue to bring a higher vibrational divine flow into all energy systems. Each human heart now has the opportunity to open to this divine flow. Each human heart now has the opportunity to experience this higher vibrational pulse. Each human heart now has the opportunity to experience a unique connection to this amazing source of love and wisdom.

The divine heart's higher frequency is beyond the mental field of dualistic thought. The divine heart's frequency is beyond the vibration of good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair, just or unjust. The divine heart is simply pure divine energy. The divine heart is simply pure divine love, pure divine wisdom, pure divine joy, pure divine grace, pure divine peace, and pure divine essence.

Has life hit you hard? Have you shut off and gone into a way of life that protects and deflects the love, wisdom, and joy of your heart, so you can survive?

Are you ready to be free?

You can open your heart and re-experience the amazing levels of human love, wisdom, and joy, that you know are inside you. You can open up to the real you, to the divine you, now.

It is time.

Open the human heart and hear it, sense it, feel it. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you. Ask divine grace to support you. Embrace pure divine wisdom as it guides you. Become one with the divine love that is you.

The fight and struggle are over. You are freedom. You are a divine presence in everyday life. You are a divine presence within the context of it all. You are a divine presence in the center of all that is.

You are divine life. Embrace the divine flow. Embrace the divine you.

Welcome to you.

Welcome home.

Joe Hurley

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Healing Stream

The healing stream is a frequency of energy that comes from the divine source. Some people call this source God, the higher self, the higher power, the divine self, the creator, the spirit, and other names. The key is that this energy exists in a higher dimensional plane of existence and it flows interdimensionally into the mind, emotion, and body fields of each and every one of us. This divine flow provides each of us with healing wisdom, love and guidance.

When we tap into the healing stream consciously, we gain the ability to do spiritual healing and energy healing. Anyone can do spiritual healing and energy healing simply by asking to connect with the divine energies of the healing stream. When we connect with the healing stream, we connect with the divine energies and we get energized, guided, and supported, in a new way.

Connecting consciously to the divine energies of the healing stream is really about focusing attention and intention. We can intend and be attentive to our physical flow, emotional flow, and mental flow. We also can intend and attune directly to our spiritual flow.

When we focus our intention and our attention, we begin to notice little things about our bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits. We begin to notice what feels good. We also begin to notice what does not feel so good.

The healing stream provides us with healing wisdom, love, and guidance so we can care for what hurts that needs our attention, respect, and love.

Many people when opening up to the healing stream find a deep connection with angels and higher vibrational guides. There are angels and guides around all of us. These angels and guides are here to help us. It is important to ask for our angels and guides to help. They help, even if they cannot stop what is happening in our lives, they do help. They comfort, guide, and support us so we get just what we need, just when we need it. Can you sense the angels around you? Do you sense other types of divine guidance around you?

Opening to the healing stream awakens our awareness to the divine all around us. It also opens us to the divine within us. We are each divine beings here in human form. We each have a unique divine vibration. When we learn to attune to and access our unique vibration, then we learn about our divine note. We learn to sound our divine note consciously. This accelerates our awakening and opening to our beautiful song. We can then sing our song and shine our light with joy, clarity, and confidence.

As divine beings in human form, we connect with all other beings through the healing stream of divine energy flow. Our hearts are the center and nexus point of this flow. When you want to get centered and balanced simply go into your heart center, sound your unique divine note, and dance in the healing stream of divine energies.

What amazing new ways of creating we have ahead! What amazing new levels of happiness, joy, peace, and love we have within to share with each other as we open to the healing stream, access our divine energies, and connect with each other through our divine heart flow.

Joe Hurley

The Angels Come

Angels come into the present;
divine beings holding space for us to connect.
Helping our patterns to become self-aware;
holding space for us to flow our true divine flow.

Angels come into the present;
divine beings holding space for us to dance.
Our human systems awaken,
and our love and wisdom flow.

Angels come into the present;
divine beings holding space for us to heal.
Igniting the songs coming to life from within us,
and sparking the divine music that we have always known.

Angels come into the present;
divine beings holding space for us to know.
We are the love and we are the light.
We are the wisdom of our true divine flow.

Joe Hurley

Friday, May 16, 2008


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