Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spiritual Consulting & Healing Energy Attunements

Spiritual Facilitation

As we evolve, we go through a process that includes awakening to, expanding into, and integrating the many different aspects of multidimensional consciousness.  Spiritual facilitation is helpful during this process to provide clarity, guidance, and support.

Through spiritual consulting and healing energy attunements, as a spiritual facilitator, I act as a liaison between the frequencies of spirit and the frequencies of body, emotion, and mind. 

As a spiritual facilitator, I help in the process of change going on within the person’s consciousness using a bridge technology that allows divine wisdom, clarity, and other healing energies to flow directly into the areas of consciousness that are in need.  The technology is based on unconditional love, divine wisdom, the universal laws of energy, divine timing, divine affinity, and free will.

My Focus And Process

During a consultation, I become fully present to the energies of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  I open to divine wisdom, unconditional love, and light.  I completely relax and let go and allow that which wants to come up into awareness to come up.

On a phone consultation, I have the client begin talking about what they want to talk about.  As they talk about what comes up for them, I get intuitions, visions, empathic sensations, and divine wisdom around what is coming up for them or about what is needing to come up.  If there are symptoms, I assist in clarifying the emotions and beliefs that are creating the symptoms.  I then assist in clarifying the source of any judgments or expectations from the past that are creating discomfort today.  I allow the flow of divine wisdom, love, and light at all times and transmit these divine energies to all energies involved.  I then guide the process with compassion and grace to completion. 

During an in-person consultation, I do the same process only I sense with my hands any blocks in flow of a person's energy.  Physical touching is not necessary.  I sense the energy fields around the body.  From this awareness, I can work with the energy that is blocked energetically and bring it into consciousness so the client can become aware of it too.

- Joe Hurley

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