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Spiritual Consulting & Healing Energy Attunements

Spiritual Facilitation

As we evolve, we go through a process that includes awakening to, expanding into, and integrating the many different aspects of multidimensional consciousness. Spiritual facilitation is helpful during this process to provide clarity, guidance, and support.

Through spiritual consulting and healing energy attunements, as a spiritual facilitator, I act as a liaison between the frequencies of spirit and the frequencies of body, emotion, and mind. As a spiritual facilitator, I help in the process of change going on within the person’s consciousness using a bridge technology that allows divine wisdom, clarity and other healing energies to flow directly into the areas of consciousness that are in need. The technology is based on love and the universal laws of energy, divine timing, affinity, and free will.

My Focus

During a consultation, I focus my attention on the patterns of consciousness that are ready to awaken, expand, integrate, and heal. When there is discomfort, I attune to the energies that are in conflict and/or contradiction and I give each side a chance be respected and heard within the context of love and wisdom.

Patterns of consciousness are specific, intelligent and alive. Some areas of consciousness are ready to evolve right away. In these cases, change is immediate and noticeable. Some areas of consciousness are not ready to evolve. In these cases, I prepare the patterns of consciousness that are not ready to evolve so they can evolve when they are ready. Many times the preparation itself makes the consciousness ready to evolve. In other situations, the dynamics are more complex and more time and attention are needed within the space of wisdom and love to bring about noticeable transformation.

Patterns of consciousness, when given respect, love, wisdom, and the right opportunity, will evolve into the light and come into alignment with the larger matrix of the whole self, creating peace and balance.

As the specific patterns of consciousness evolve, healing occurs, symptoms disappear, and spirit blossoms. Sometimes healing is dramatic on the physical dimension. Other times transformation takes place on a different level of self, such as the emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

My Ability

My ability is to sense energy and transmit energy using my hands, my heart and my inner knowing. When I place my hands within a client’s energy fields, I get an instant sensory snapshot of the energy dynamics going on within the client. As my hands sense the energy, my heart and intuition begin to interact with the areas in need and my hands go to those areas and transmit the needed healing energy.

My process is non-touch. The client is fully clothed. For quick readings and attunements, the client can sit in a chair. For more in-depth attunements, the client stretches out on a massage table and is covered with a warm blanket during the healing.

I have a unique ability to work with angelic energy and pure divine guidance during each session. I sometimes use specific sounds, colors, and symbols, as well as other energy tools during my healings.

My intent during each session is to allow the highest and best interest of all levels of consciousness to come about as I assist with the awakening and healing flow.

My Belief

Each person is a multidimensional being: body, emotion, mind, and spirit. The evolution of each person, relationship, and system, is about awakening to the love and wisdom that exists within. Discomfort within a person, relationship, or system occurs when there is a sense of separation from love and wisdom. Healing is about holding a space of love and communicating divine wisdom and love to aspects of consciousness that are ready to become aware of their connection to love and wisdom.

My Passion

I have a deep passion for the dynamics within the multidimensional self. I love to explore the energy dynamics within each person, each relationship and each system.

During a consultation, my natural flow is to go to the level of consciousness within the client, relationship, or system that is asking for help. Sometimes that aspect is hurting, out of balance, or in disharmony. I then go to the level of consciousness that holds the love and divine wisdom and I reveal to that which is hurting the energy of respect, support, divine wisdom and love.

My instinct and intent during a healing is to give each specific area of consciousness the opportunity and the choice (through expanded awareness of its connection to the higher dimensional frequencies of love and wisdom) to move from fear, negativity, confusion and conflict into love, clarity, joy, happiness, respect and dignity.

Sometimes during a consultation, there is no problem to be found. Many times, there is simply amazing new levels of divine wisdom, love, and light to be shared.

My Experience

I have a BA in Communication and I have attended graduate school in systems theory, behavioral science, leadership consulting, and counseling. I have worked in a variety of social work and business settings for over twenty-five years.

In my early years, I focused my attention on personal growth, human dynamics and systems theory. I drove to find and develop the most cutting edge systems for resolving pain, suffering and conflict within each individual, relationship, and system.

I then experienced a series of divine awakenings. It was during this time that my ability to sense energy in unique and powerful ways came to life. I spent much of my time learning to adapt to the constant flood of multidimensional energy sensations and data that overwhelmed me each day. I also spent time with others who were going through the awakening process and could help me to understand my unfolding reality from a multidimensional perspective.

As the years went by, I began to settle in and develop a sense of clarity and wisdom around the process of expanding, awakening to, and integrating the multidimensional frequencies into the human system. I simultaneously completed over three years of specific education and training in a method of sound and light energy healing called Vibronicssm.

After a few more years, I realized that expanding into the divine brings amazing levels of love and wisdom into everyday life. I then realized this was the key to walking the walk. With divine courage and grace, I began to come more fully into my life situations to honestly live from love, compassion and wisdom.

Today, I continue to hold the space for the wisdom and love from the divine to flow in my everyday life. I see healing as a way of being that goes far beyond the healer/client relationship. Today, I do less and less "client" healings and more and more simply living day to day as a pure divine being of love, compassion, and grace.

Over the years, I have written and published many healing books, articles, and guides filled with wisdom, love, and inspiration given to me by the divine. I have also written hundreds of healing and uplifting poems, quotes, and sayings. Today these healing, inspirational, uplifting and divinely guided works and more are available on my website.

Joe Hurley

The Divine Heart Website: A place for heart wisdom, healing, and pure unconditional love.

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