Thursday, June 26, 2008

Communicating Wisdom and Love To Heal Discomfort

We all experience discomfort at one point or another in our lives. And many people have been experiencing some intense discomfort lately. One of my favorite methods of healing discomfort is through wise and loving communication.

It is truly amazing to experience healing peace, calm, and harmony within self and situation. And this is accomplished when the energies creating discomfort are listened to, honored, and respected, from a place of wisdom and love.

Are you experiencing symptoms of discomfort or dis-ease? Would you like to experience a new kind of healing?

Through wise and loving communication, you can open to the relationship between the symptomatic energies interacting within your self and situation and you can get to the cause of the conflict or contradiction between those energies.

Give it a try! Attune to your symptom. Listen, honor, and respect the message or messages being communicated. Even if you don’t like what is being said within your self or situation, when you come from love and wisdom, you will notice amazing results.

What are your symptoms telling you? What do the energies within your self and situation say is the problem, issue, conflict, or contradiction? The energies creating your discomfort and dis-ease will respond to you when you ask and when you listen to them from a place of respect. And as you listen and dialogue with respect, the energies within your self and situation listen and dialogue back.

What would you like to say to the energies in discomfort? By all means express your anger, frustration, disappointment, and any other honest feelings. But also remember to come from your wisdom and love.

Your heart is a great place to find your deepest wisdom and love. You will be amazed at how quickly your self and situation heal when you respond to the energies of discomfort and dis-ease from the place of wisdom and love that lives within your heart.

To fully experience the process of healing discomfort through your wisdom and love, simply follow these four steps:

Step One: Attune To The Symptom. Talk to the symptom directly. Get to know the issue. If there is discomfort, truly become present to it. Face it and literally attune to it. Sense it, feel it, and know it. What does it represent in your life? What is the source? Can you get pictures around it? What are the energies saying?

Step one is where you truly attune and listen. You ask specific questions and you become clear. You become present and you recognize the energies that are creating your dis-ease, disharmony, symptom, or issue.

Step Two: Attune To Your Response. How are you reacting to the information coming up? Are you calm? Are you at peace? Are you open to what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, or sensing? Are you filled with victim energy? Are you filled with impatience? Do you have anger, or the desire to control? Are you relaxed and willing to open to a new way?

In this second step, you are listening to any fight or flight reactions that come up from within you to be expressed. You are giving yourself the space to flow and respond instinctively and naturally from any patterns, filters, distortions, or old ways that you hold inside. In this step you are giving yourself the space to get to know all your responses with regard to your symptom, discomfort, dis-ease or issue.

Step Three: Attune To Wisdom and Love. Once you have attuned to the energies of your discomfort, and to the energies responding to your discomfort, you are aware of the different sides of your issue creating conflict, contradiction, and your symptom. Step three is the time to transcend the different energies of the issue and access your wisdom and love.

In this step you make the choice to open to your higher self, to the divine wisdom of your higher consciousness, and to the wisdom and love in your divine heart. This divine shift transforms your reality. You become unplugged from any reaction that you may have toward your discomfort, dis-ease, symptom, or issue. You plug into the divine wisdom, grace, and light that you are.

You are beyond your symptom. You are beyond your reaction to your symptom. You are the wise, clear and loving being that is your higher vibrational divine self. 

As you sense and know the divine aspects of your dynamic, from the perspective of your higher self, divine spirit and divine heart, you begin to sense more clearly your divine relationship to your symptom. This enables you to understand the larger concept of what is happening, and it helps you to see the higher truth of your situation. The divine information gives you the ability to respond now to your symptom, and to any reaction you have to your symptom, from a place of pure wisdom, grace, compassion, and unconditional love.  

Step Four: Act From Divine Wisdom and Love. You may be used to relating to your self and situation from within your old patterns, and from within your old ways. You may be used to acting from the survival instincts of primal fight and flight. Step four is the time when you respect all fear-based programming and then you act from wisdom and love.

You are a divine being. You are a being of wisdom, love, and light. Acting from divine wisdom and love means you come from your heart, and you come from your divine wisdom. As a being of divine wisdom and love, you heal a situation simply by coming from a place of respect and acceptance. You transform dis-ease simply by radiating compassion. You lighten a dynamic simply by being your joy and happiness.

The beauty of this process is you being you.

Joe Hurley

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spiritual Consulting & Healing Energy Attunements

Spiritual Facilitation

As we evolve, we go through a process that includes awakening to, expanding into, and integrating the many different aspects of multidimensional consciousness. Spiritual facilitation is helpful during this process to provide clarity, guidance, and support.

Through spiritual consulting and healing energy attunements, as a spiritual facilitator, I act as a liaison between the frequencies of spirit and the frequencies of body, emotion, and mind. As a spiritual facilitator, I help in the process of change going on within the person’s consciousness using a bridge technology that allows divine wisdom, clarity and other healing energies to flow directly into the areas of consciousness that are in need. The technology is based on love and the universal laws of energy, divine timing, affinity, and free will.

My Focus

During a consultation, I focus my attention on the patterns of consciousness that are ready to awaken, expand, integrate, and heal. When there is discomfort, I attune to the energies that are in conflict and/or contradiction and I give each side a chance be respected and heard within the context of love and wisdom.

Patterns of consciousness are specific, intelligent and alive. Some areas of consciousness are ready to evolve right away. In these cases, change is immediate and noticeable. Some areas of consciousness are not ready to evolve. In these cases, I prepare the patterns of consciousness that are not ready to evolve so they can evolve when they are ready. Many times the preparation itself makes the consciousness ready to evolve. In other situations, the dynamics are more complex and more time and attention are needed within the space of wisdom and love to bring about noticeable transformation.

Patterns of consciousness, when given respect, love, wisdom, and the right opportunity, will evolve into the light and come into alignment with the larger matrix of the whole self, creating peace and balance.

As the specific patterns of consciousness evolve, healing occurs, symptoms disappear, and spirit blossoms. Sometimes healing is dramatic on the physical dimension. Other times transformation takes place on a different level of self, such as the emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

My Ability

My ability is to sense energy and transmit energy using my hands, my heart and my inner knowing. When I place my hands within a client’s energy fields, I get an instant sensory snapshot of the energy dynamics going on within the client. As my hands sense the energy, my heart and intuition begin to interact with the areas in need and my hands go to those areas and transmit the needed healing energy.

My process is non-touch. The client is fully clothed. For quick readings and attunements, the client can sit in a chair. For more in-depth attunements, the client stretches out on a massage table and is covered with a warm blanket during the healing.

I have a unique ability to work with angelic energy and pure divine guidance during each session. I sometimes use specific sounds, colors, and symbols, as well as other energy tools during my healings.

My intent during each session is to allow the highest and best interest of all levels of consciousness to come about as I assist with the awakening and healing flow.

My Belief

Each person is a multidimensional being: body, emotion, mind, and spirit. The evolution of each person, relationship, and system, is about awakening to the love and wisdom that exists within. Discomfort within a person, relationship, or system occurs when there is a sense of separation from love and wisdom. Healing is about holding a space of love and communicating divine wisdom and love to aspects of consciousness that are ready to become aware of their connection to love and wisdom.

My Passion

I have a deep passion for the dynamics within the multidimensional self. I love to explore the energy dynamics within each person, each relationship and each system.

During a consultation, my natural flow is to go to the level of consciousness within the client, relationship, or system that is asking for help. Sometimes that aspect is hurting, out of balance, or in disharmony. I then go to the level of consciousness that holds the love and divine wisdom and I reveal to that which is hurting the energy of respect, support, divine wisdom and love.

My instinct and intent during a healing is to give each specific area of consciousness the opportunity and the choice (through expanded awareness of its connection to the higher dimensional frequencies of love and wisdom) to move from fear, negativity, confusion and conflict into love, clarity, joy, happiness, respect and dignity.

Sometimes during a consultation, there is no problem to be found. Many times, there is simply amazing new levels of divine wisdom, love, and light to be shared.

My Experience

I have a BA in Communication and I have attended graduate school in systems theory, behavioral science, leadership consulting, and counseling. I have worked in a variety of social work and business settings for over twenty-five years.

In my early years, I focused my attention on personal growth, human dynamics and systems theory. I drove to find and develop the most cutting edge systems for resolving pain, suffering and conflict within each individual, relationship, and system.

I then experienced a series of divine awakenings. It was during this time that my ability to sense energy in unique and powerful ways came to life. I spent much of my time learning to adapt to the constant flood of multidimensional energy sensations and data that overwhelmed me each day. I also spent time with others who were going through the awakening process and could help me to understand my unfolding reality from a multidimensional perspective.

As the years went by, I began to settle in and develop a sense of clarity and wisdom around the process of expanding, awakening to, and integrating the multidimensional frequencies into the human system. I simultaneously completed over three years of specific education and training in a method of sound and light energy healing called Vibronicssm.

After a few more years, I realized that expanding into the divine brings amazing levels of love and wisdom into everyday life. I then realized this was the key to walking the walk. With divine courage and grace, I began to come more fully into my life situations to honestly live from love, compassion and wisdom.

Today, I continue to hold the space for the wisdom and love from the divine to flow in my everyday life. I see healing as a way of being that goes far beyond the healer/client relationship. Today, I do less and less "client" healings and more and more simply living day to day as a pure divine being of love, compassion, and grace.

Over the years, I have written and published many healing books, articles, and guides filled with wisdom, love, and inspiration given to me by the divine. I have also written hundreds of healing and uplifting poems, quotes, and sayings. Today these healing, inspirational, uplifting and divinely guided works and more are available on my website.

Joe Hurley

The Divine Heart Website: A place for heart wisdom, healing, and pure unconditional love.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Ten Favorite Concepts About Life

Please enjoy my favorite concepts about energy, consciousness, healing, ascension, evolution, awakening, divine relationships, and more. The information that I get from my divine higher consciousness has transformed my reality and my way of life. I hope this information will make a wonderful difference in your life as well.

1. The Speed of Love

There are so many energies, going in so many different directions. Some are in a hurry, while some are going slow. Some are considerate, and some are trying to force their way. In many vibrational arenas these energies of force, power, and control exist outside the speed of love. It is easy to get hurt, overwhelmed, exhausted, and overrun by these energies.
The speed of love is the blueprint for the new way. It is the hologram for all songs to go at a speed that is love. Consciousness itself is evolving into this new divine flow. Attune to the divine consciousness and sense the speed of love.
Take the time to attune to the speed of love and ask your body, emotions, and mind to attune to the speed that is love. Even if you have no idea what you are doing and you cannot sense anything, simply meditate on the speed of love and this will help your system to calm down, relax, and go at a pace that is perfect for all aspects of your being.

2. The Harmony of All Songs

Everything in life is vibrational consciousness. We are millions of notes. We make up millions of songs. We exist together in a divine state of oneness.
When we access the divine state, we sense and know the harmony of all songs. When we attune to the speed of love, we assist all our levels of being into alignment with the speed of love and we come into multidimensional harmony. We come into harmony with all songs in our current human state.
The harmony of all songs is the next step of our human evolution.
When things get crazy, visualize, pray and attune to the speed of love and then open to the divine state of oneness and open to the harmony of all songs.

3. Opening To It All

When we become familiar with the speed of love and the harmony of all songs, we begin to feel safe opening. When all aspects of our being are in the frequency of love and going at the speed of love, we do open. We open to it all, and we are safe.
Since we are constantly evolving, this opening to it all is a process. The first step of the process is to attune to love and experience the harmony within our self first. Then we begin to open to that which is around us in a new and expanded way.
Sometimes we become overwhelmed or confronted by energies of force or power that are disrespectful and uncomfortable. It is through the awakening process that we open deeply and gain access to the energies of wisdom, love, compassion and grace to help us through these situations.
Open to it all, at the speed of love, and get used to being in the pure state of love. Get used to going at the speed of love. Get used to being in harmony with all songs. Get used to this divine way of being and it will get easier to open to it all and stay open to it all, in all circumstances.

4. Embracing All Rhythms

Embracing all rhythms is another way of being open to it all. Embrace each rhythm. Feel the majesty of each note, each song, and each dynamic of harmony. Embrace each consciousness. Begin to sense the joy, wonder, and awe of each living pulse.

5. Letting It All Go

After opening to it all and embracing all rhythms, let it all go.
There is no need to hold onto anything.
Open to it all, enjoy each experience, and then let go.
Let it all go and flow.

6. Divine Affinity

Divine affinity is connection based on who and what we are as multidimensional energy beings, in each and every moment.
When we are open to it all and we are not attached to anything then divine affinity is the power that brings us together in perfect harmony, at the perfect speed of love, for all songs.
When we open to divine affinity, we never have to effort or struggle. We simply relax and allow affinity to guide us.

7. Relaxing The Will Centers

Many of us are used to holding it together with our will. The stronger our will, the more powerful we have been. We set up tests of will, battles of will, and other games of will. This has been an amazing way of being. We have created many things by taking aspects of reality and shaping it with our will.
There comes a time in many people's lives when the game simply loses its joy. There comes a time when the battle between wills becomes boring. There comes a time when trying to hold it all together with the will becomes exhausting. There comes a time when we simply evolve our consciousness and open to another way of being.
This new way exists beyond the will. When we open to the next level of our existence, we don't have to will ourselves anymore. We simply relax. We get to relax.
We relax our will centers, let go, open to it all, and we allow divine affinity to work with us and through us.
It may take some time to help the will centers to relax. They are used to protecting us. They are used to keeping up the fight and flight dynamic for as long as we can remember. What an amazing job the will centers have done.
Thank goodness today we have the opportunity to help our will centers to relax and open to the divine.
We can help our primal aspect of consciousness to connect with the energies of divine wisdom, divine love, and divine inspiration.
With this new connection, these aspects of our being have a new purpose. They can remind us that we are learning. We are learning a totally new way of existing. They can remind us that we are awakening. We are awakening to a totally new way of connecting, a divine way of connecting, and a way that is effortless and based on pure affinity. They can remind us that we are safe. We are safe opening to it all. We are safe letting it all go. We are safe allowing our divine affinity connections to flourish.
Relax the will centers, and open to the new way of pure divine wisdom and unconditional love.

8. Expanding Beyond Duality

Expanding beyond duality happens when we expand our mind into the divine mind. In this divine consciousness place we move beyond all forms of judgment. We move beyond right and wrong. We move beyond good and bad. We move beyond rules and roles.
We truly let go and expand our consciousness into an entirely new place of being.
Does this mean we live in total chaos? The answer is no.
When we let go of all judgment and move beyond the polarization consciousness of good and bad, right and wrong, and all dualistic thought, we move into a state of pure being. We open to it all and we allow our true essence to guide us from a higher place of pure divine wisdom, divine love, and divine knowing. And from within this place, we open to divine grace, divine courage, divine peace and more.
When we open our consciousness and we expand beyond duality, we open to who and what we truly are as divine consciousness. We open to who and what we are as pure divine beings.
We are love. We are wisdom. We are grace.
We are divine essence.

9. The Divine Project

The divine project is the completion of the duality game and the creation of the new way. We all are a part of this project.
It is a massive step to open to a world beyond the rules, roles, and structures of the group consciousness. It is total freedom. It can be scary. It takes courage. It takes grace. It takes divine inspiration.
It is all about divine timing. You do not have to effort. Relax and allow what is happening to happen.
The divine project is guided by the divine aspects of our being. We created the world of duality. We created the duality project. We are now ready to create the next step. We are creating the next step. This is happening now. This is our divine project.
We are aware of our bodies. We are aware of our emotions. We are aware of our mental structures, concepts, rules, and roles. Now we are awakening to the world of spirit, intuition, and divine essence.
The divine project is the project of taking our consciousness, (body, emotion and mind) into awareness of this new way of being that exists beyond the physical, emotional, or mental. We are expanding and reconnecting our human systems with the higher vibrational realms of our spirit and the divine. We are taking our individuated human realities into the divine oneness.
The divine project is to step as individuated human beings into the place of pure divine wisdom and total unconditional love.

10. Opening To The Divine Heart

When the mind is overwhelmed, open the heart.
When the heart is overwhelmed, open to the divine heart.
The divine heart is our guide.
The divine heart is our guide for our divine project and all other projects.
At different times in our evolutionary process we have followed our body instincts, we have responded to our emotional impulses, and we have willed our way through reality from the place of the intellect. Most of the time our hearts have been shut off or disconnected from the process. Now it is time to reconnect all aspects of our being with the heart.
The best way to reconnect all aspects of body, emotion, and mind with the heart is to open to the divine heart. The divine heart is the higher vibrational aspect of the human heart. It is the higher vibrational aspect of our core being.
As we open to our divine heart, we open to pure unconditional love. We open to pure divine love. We open to the pure divine wisdom that comes from the pure divine center of all that is.
The divine heart operates at the speed of love. The divine heart operates within the harmony of all songs. It embraces all rhythms. The divine heart is open to it all.
Beyond duality, beyond will, beyond attachment, and beyond control, the divine heart is simply connected to all that is in a higher vibrational way.
The divine heart connects us to all.
As we learn to reconnect, we simply open our heart and then we open to our divine heart and we connect with pure divine wisdom and pure unconditional love and we become the divine.

We become the new way.

Joe Hurley
An excerpt from my upcoming book, The New Way

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cutting Trail

There is a new trail being cut for those experiencing pain and suffering.  
A new trail is being cut through the discomfort, allowing the space for love to flow and divine essence to come fully alive within the self and within each situation.  

This is a time of new awakening.  
This is a time to step fully into a new way of being.  
This is a time to fully experience the energies of happiness, joy, clear divine wisdom, and pure unconditional love in everyday life.

How much of your self are you willing to see? 
How much love are you willing to experience?
Are you ready to step into a totally new way of being?
Are you ready to experience being pure love, divine wisdom, and total joy?  

Are you ready to step into you?

This is your time.

Joe Hurley

The Divine Heart Website: A place for heart wisdom, healing, and pure unconditional love.


Expand, transform, release.
The veils are clearing now.
You are awakening.

Sound your note. 
You are unplugging at the node. 
You are becoming.

Sing your song. 

You are you.
You are free.

Joe Hurley

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The Wisdom Of Waves

There are waves washing over us each moment.
These energy pulses of higher vibrational information are telling us something.

Often, there is resistance to knowing this information.   
The walls go up and there is a defending of the old ways.
Resistance makes sense.  
Change is awkward.  
The unfamiliar is scary.
Resistance creates discomfort.  
Reaction to discomfort creates more discomfort.  
The waves keep coming.  
We become exhausted.
Eventually struggle turns to surrender, and we let go.
We open up to the waves.
We awaken to the new information.
Each wave is one of an endless flow of many.
Each pulsation carries information with purpose.
Each piece of information is designed to bring clarity and direction to a world unfolding.
The wisdom of the waves shows us how to build connection with our divine essence.  
Our divine essence shows us how to build a new unity within ourselves and with each other.
As we accept this wisdom of waves, our illusions crumble.  
Our pain is faced and released.   
There is deep healing.
We open to love.
We reconnect with the whole.

When confusion and chaos abound.  
And sadness and pain overwhelm.  
Attune to the wisdom of the waves.
The waves are here to help.    

Joe Hurley
An excerpt from my book, Parables of Light

Divine Breath

My breath comes into rhythm with the divine.
I exhale human experience. I inhale pure divine love.
I exhale warmth, concern, and caring. I inhale pure divine wisdom and guidance.
I exhale thanks and appreciation. I inhale pure divine joy.
I exhale magic, wonder, and awe. I inhale pure divine mystery.


I am the breath of the divine human, exhaling ancient earth wisdom.
I am the breath of the divine spirit, inhaling the breath of God.


With the flowing of each breath,
I am the pulse of the divine love spiral,
uniting heaven and earth.

Joe Hurley
An excerpt from my book, Parables of Light

The Divine Heart Website: A place for heart wisdom, healing, and pure unconditional love.

What Is It Like To Be You?

What is it like to be you…. in your body, your mind, your reality?  What is it like to be you right now?

Is there discomfort, or trauma?  
Can you sense pressure, or conflict, or resistance?
Maybe you have health.
Maybe you are comfortable.
Maybe you are wealthy.  
I am curious…what is it like to be you? 
I love wisdom.
I feel deeply the vibrations of life.
I don’t like pain. I enjoy nature. 
But what about you?
What is it like to be you, in your reality?
I want to know... you?

Joe Hurley
Excerpt from my book, Parables of Light

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Angel Light

As the dark clouds reach an ominous peak, the pouring of rain turns to mist.

From a distance, millions of unique strands of golden light emerge, illuminating the sky.  

Suddenly a magnificent rainbow appears with its grand arch of pristine color stretching from one end of the earth to the other.  

The angels appear bringing wonder and joy as they hover and dart playfully in the colorful mist.  

Then other light beings arrive and join in the celebration. 

In human form we awaken, participate in and co-create the beauty manifesting all over the earth.   

Our spirits dance and we experience what it means to be alive.   

Joe Hurley
An excerpt from my upcoming book The Man Who Walks With Angels due out in 2012.