Friday, August 29, 2008

Too Exhausted To Love

It has been a long time holding up my sword.
It has been a long time holding up my guard.

It has been a long time refusing to play.
It has been a long time holding back my tears.

Dropping my sword is not that hard.
But opening my heart, this brings up my fears.

I feel so exhausted. The sword has been heavy.
I feel so exhausted. It has been so long.

I feel so exhausted. I feel too exhausted to love.
How do I start again? What will I do?

The transition is different now.
There is a new way unfolding.

The transition takes time.
I need to rest.

I let down my sword.
I am willing to open.

But I feel so exhausted,
too exhausted to love.

This feeling is heavy. I agree and let it in.
I can feel myself sinking. I am not ready to swim.

It is o.k. I acknowledge. I accept all my rhythms.
I accept my exhaustion. I accept myself fully.

I have patience. I can wait.
I can honor the flow.

It won’t be long now. I am healing.
This I know.

Joe Hurley

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