Friday, September 5, 2008

Becoming Free

 - Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Poems of Light."

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Anonymous said...

I lost my Grandfather in 2003 and yet some how i am can cope but i am afraid it might just be a shell that underneath the shell is all the pain that i felt when I got over the shock in 2004-2005, how can i truly let go?

Joe Hurley said...

Hi Dreamer Gurl,

Thanks for the great question. Truly letting go is really about flowing. You don't really ever erase what has been. You simply let go of attachment to what has been so you can go forward in a new creative expression of your divine essence in each new moment.

Your fear that you are just at the surface and that there is more pain underneath: this may be true but your fear that you may not be able to cope with what comes up is not true.

You can cope with anything that comes up. You are a divine being of wisdom and love.

Sometimes the fear stops your flow. Embrace your fear and realize that you are more. You are wisdom and love. You can move through anything.

There is nothing wrong with having deeper levels of feeling around your Grandfather and your life. Some of those feelings may be uncomfortable and some may be wonderful. They are all o.k.

The key to becoming free is to be able to flow no matter what memories comes up, and no matter what layers of emotion come up.

Uncomfortable emotion is not a fixed state of being. Embrace it all and keep flowing right through any discomfort and right into the love that is your truth and your divine core.

You are wisdom and love.



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