Friday, August 15, 2008

The Waiting Is Over

Inside I had a silent pact,
a silent protest,
a quiet calm.

I wanted the pain and suffering to end,
before I played.
And so I waited.

I had many reasons to reject the joy.
I feared the hurt.
I was uncomfortable and blue.

I wanted to be safe.
I wanted life to get better.
I wanted my real dreams to always come true.

But life was not helping.
Things were not getting better.
And so I waited.

I waited to open.
I waited to change.
I waited for peace and for life to get better.

My plan was simple, or so I thought.
I would “will to won’t,”
and be strong as a knot.

I would sacrifice and protest,
and never bow.
Life would get better, but I did not know how.

Time went by and to my surprise,
my resistance and sacrifice made me strong,
I surmise.

But what I did not see was how I was stuck,
or how I was attached to the discomfort in life.
I did not see how this choice caused my strife.

Then one day I awakened. I decided to see.
I looked at my truth.
I saw the beauty that persisted.

I opened to love.
I saw the light.
It was always there, even though I resisted.

The wisdom and love bubbled up from inside.
It filled my heart.
I could no longer hide.

I felt the joy.
My love overflowed.
I was happy to know there would be no more waiting.

There was some resistance but I did not force.
I acknowledged the path and offered a choice.
I invited the yes and then respected each voice.

I honored myself.
I respected my purpose.
It was time to awaken into true love and bliss.

And so my wait ends.
Gone is my fight.
I welcome the new way of divine wisdom and light.

Joe Hurley

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