Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Wisdom Of The Whole

You are your concrete physical reality, your stirring emotional vibrations, your wonderful systems of thought, and your amazing divine flow.
All these aspects make you whole.

As you experience these aspects of yourself, you begin to recognize consciously that you are whole.
This is your awakening.

To integrate the wisdom of your wholeness, simply experience all aspects of your multidimensional life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
If you have any conceptual boxes, limits, judgments, or rules that prevent you from experiencing any aspect of your whole self, simply own these and let them go.

Awakening to wholeness is a simple process.  It is also a big step for your human consciousness.
To truly own your body as a conscious being, to truly embrace the wisdom of your emotions, to truly acknowledge the power of your thoughts, and to truly own that you are a divine being of light - these are all amazing steps for your human awareness.

Welcome each step that you take into expanded awareness and enlightened consciousness.
Welcome each step that you take into a deeper understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of the whole you.

- Joe Hurley 

An excerpt from my book, "Parables of Light."

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