Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Source of Light

We are each a source of light. 
Love, joy, beauty, wisdom, and kindness: these energies radiate naturally from us. There is no effort needed. 
These energies are us.

Many people ask, "Why do we feel uncomfortable if this is who we are?"
We feel uncomfortable when we have layers of energy that cover, distort, and block to some degree our true essence. When these older energies contradict with our true essence, the contradiction creates the discomfort.
The more we face, respect, and release these uncomfortable older layers of energy, the more we begin to experience a harmony within our multidimensional being.  

When we are in harmonious alignment with our light, our divine essence amplifies through our human reality.   
We become the power of the divine in human form. 
We become heaven on earth.

We are currently in the process of awakening to our divine essence within our human energy systems. 
We are each moving forward with our awakening at the pace that is just right for us. 

Fears come up as we awaken.  
Fear not the process of awakening.  
Awakening leads to divine wisdom. 
We are divine wisdom, divine love, and divine joy.

We are each a beautiful source of light.

Joe Hurley

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