Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ten Focus Areas For Healing

The following is a rough outline of a few things to keep in mind when looking within a person’s energy fields to do a healing consultation.


Karma is often defined as the sum of your actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding your fate in future existences.
With each action you experience and learn.  You develop patterns.  You begin to operate out of these patterns.  You now have old patterns from the past that are stored in your energy fields.  
Your fate is decided by your patterns - until you become awakened.  When awakened and consciously aware of your patterns, you now can choose to operate out of past patterns or your free will.
To heal, look at your patterns and become aware of how they are impacting your life.
Choose to move beyond them when they are no longer in divine alignment with you and your path.     


In this area, you have the genetic codes in your cells.  You also have patterns of consciousness held in your cells from before you were born that are your ancestral consciousness.
You operate out of genetic codes and ancestral energies until you become consciously aware of these programs and dynamics.
When you differentiate your present self and divine essence from these ways, you can consciously respect these ways and continue to follow them or choose a new way to go forward if a new way is more honoring and respectful to your authentic self and present situation.
To heal, attune to any genetic or ancestral information that is no longer in divine alignment with you and your path and then differentiate from this information and go forward as your true authentic self now.   


In this area, you have current emotional sensations and awareness from present time.  You also have the emotional consciousness from past memories, associations, reaction patterns, and other learned responses from all your life experiences.   
To heal, learn how to emotionally differentiate. 
Differentiate your feelings now from those around you.
Differentiate your feelings now from dynamics stored in your energy fields from the past.
Go forward as your clear, authentic, emotional self now.


In this area, you have conscious thoughts and mental interpretations of reality.  These thoughts create your conceptual reality and shape your emotional experiences.
To heal, become aware of how your thoughts are shaping and creating your reality.
Learn to differentiate your true divine essence from your conceptual ideas and creations. Learn to let go of and expand beyond any tribal, group, or social way of thought that prevents you from honoring you or any other individual authentic self.  


In this area, you have old thoughts, beliefs, conceptual paradigms, patterns, and programs that you have developed over time and have stored in your subconscious.
This is your set of filters by which you see and interpret reality - without consciously thinking about it.
These filters are the source of your physical, emotional, and mental hooks, triggers, and reactions.
To heal, identify when you are hooked, triggered, and caught up in a reaction. 
Identify the subconscious belief, judgment, or expectation that is uncomfortable.
The key here is to allow old judgments and belief programs to come up so that you can know what your subconscious patterns are expecting from reality. 
If you are reacting, then most likely your present reality does not fit their expected way.  
Become conscious of your subconscious expectations. 
Differentiate yourself from your judgments and outdated beliefs.
Go forward as your authentic wisdom, love, and light.

Primal Consciousness:

In this area, you have your fight-or-flight response, primitive thought foundations, primal memories, control patterns, and issues of will.
These energies care about survival, winning, being in power, and staying in control.
To heal, become aware of any desire to fight or to hide. 
Become aware of any feelings of helplessness or powerlessness.
Become aware of any feelings of fear or terror.
Become aware of any thoughts or beliefs about not being safe.
The key here is to be aware of what energies trigger you into reaction or dis-ease relating to your sense of feeling out of control or unsafe.   
Learn to differentiate your primal survival and control issues from your wisdom, love, and light.
Learn to go forward as your wisdom, love, and light.


The Chakras are subtle energy centers or light engines within and around the body that create and hold many unique patterns of consciousness.  Each energy center/engine has a specific meaning and purpose.  The information is unique and it transcends the different dimensional levels.
To heal, learn to sense, feel, and know the flow of each Chakra.
Identify blocks, own the emotion and beliefs associated with those blocks, and open to your wisdom, love, and light with regard your emotion and beliefs.
The key here is to learn to sense and become aware of your subtle energy centers and to assist your divine flow through these centers when there is discomfort and/or blocks to your flow. 

External Energy Relationships:

Each person is a complex energy system relating to other complex energy systems in multidimensional ways.  Awareness and understanding of your complex energetic relationships will help you to discover the deeper dynamics creating your symptoms and/or uncomfortable situations.
To heal, open to the larger multidimensional matrix. 
Scan specific relationship dynamics to see how one energy is relating to other energies and how those relationships are creating and impacting the different patterns of consciousness on all levels.
Look at friends, family, intimate partners, co-workers, pets, other nonhuman life forms, energy from the media, group energies, race consciousness energies, and other energies from global, galactic, and other dimensions. 
The key here is to become aware of how your energies are interacting with the energies of those you are in relationship with and with those all around you. 
Learn to differentiate physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Learn to be your true authentic self on all levels.

Electromagnetic Fields:

As an energetic being, you have many layers of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy pulsing multidimensionally.  Sometimes you get out of balance energetically.
To heal, look at, sense, and feel your poles, polarity, electromagnetic fields, and grounding cords.
These are areas of energy that are constantly rebalancing and realigning, as the shifts in consciousness occur.
The key here is to use your intention and higher divine focus to bring about balance, stability, and optimal health within your multidimensional energy dynamics.

Spiritual Gifts and Other Dimensional Information:

Beyond your body, emotions, and mind, is the spirit realm.  This realm is actually many layers of multidimensional consciousness.  Many times there are gifts located in the higher dimensions that are waiting to be brought into physical awareness and/or ready to be placed into the area of consciousness being worked with.  Many times your angels, guides, and other spiritual beings have gifts to offer relating to each issue you are dealing with.  Many times you can receive sacred messages, activation of key points, divine symbols that transmit special energy, and more.
To heal, open to your divine wisdom, love, and light and ask your angels and guides to show you the specific tools you need to reach the next level of healing that is in your highest and best interest.

- Joe Hurley

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