Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ten Focus Areas For Healing

The following is a general list of what I keep in mind when looking within a person’s energy fields.

Karma: In this area you have the karmic patterns from past lives as stored in your soul/spirit.

Genetic/Ancestral: In this area you have the patterns of consciousness held in your cells that carry your genetic information. This information is from before you were born and is considered your ancestral line.

Emotional: In this area you hold the emotional consciousness of memories, associations, reaction patterns, and other learned responses from your present life up to this time.

Analytical: This is the outer area of the brain and is most often associated with conscious thought patterns and mental interpretations of reality and these thoughts also create emotional and other states of being.

Subconscious: This is the area around the head and mind that carries all the data of life-experiences without analytical interpretation but with associations and connector consciousness. This area is the source of many reactions, hooks, and trigger responses.

Primal Consciousness: This is the very inner cortex of the brain that houses the fight/flight response, primitive thought foundations, primal memories, control patterns, and issues of will.

Chakras: The chakras are subtle energy centers or light engines within and around the body that create and hold many unique patterns of consciousness. Each energy center/engine has a specific meaning and purpose. The information is unique as it transcends the different dimensional levels.

External Energy Relationships: Each person is an energy system that relates to other energy systems in multidimensional ways. Scan the entire system to see how one is relating to other energies and how those relationships are creating and impacting the different patterns of consciousness. The main dynamics to look at include friends, family, intimate partners, co-workers, pets, other nonhuman life forms, energy from the media, group energies, race consciousness energies, and other energies from other dimensions.

Electromagnetic Fields: Other areas looked at include the client’s poles, polarity, E.M. fields, and grounding cords. These are areas of energy that are constantly rebalancing and realigning as the shifts in consciousness occur.

Spiritual Gifts and Other Dimensional Information. Many times there are gifts in the soul/spirit or located in the higher dimensions that are waiting to be brought into physical awareness and/or ready to be placed into the area of consciousness being worked with. And many times the angels, guides and ascended spiritual masters have gifts to offer relating to the issue being dealt with, or with the client’s next step. Examples of gifts that can be brought in include sacred messages, activation of key points, symbols that transmit special energy, holy shields, and more.

Joe Hurley

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