Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some People

Some people empathically connect with others.
Some people sense another’s true needs.
Some people attune and try to fill those needs.
Some people get overwhelmed and are unable to disconnect.  

Some people find blessing in living beyond safety.
Some people disconnect and feel no pain.    
Some people find worth in simply being.
Some people are light and simply radiate pure love.  

Some people feel deeply and connect emotion to heart.
Some people see deeply and connect vision to spirit.
Some people hear deeply and connect notes to music.
Some people sense deeply and connect vibrations to light.   

Some people like being in pure divine alignment.
Some people enjoy knowing the pure divine truth.
Some people live for divine mystery and experiment.
Some people know comfort in life's divine flow.

 - Joe Hurley

An excerpt from my book, "Poems of Light."

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1 comment:

Michelle Garrison Hough said...

This certainly speaks to me. Feeling blessing in living beyond safety, and being unable to disconnect from those with whom we have empathic connections. It's problematic. Those of us who are like that generally relate to the positive points of your poem, as well.