Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Divine Wisdom

I invite you into a new way of being.
This is way of magic, miracles, and manifesting.
This is a way of joy, happiness, and abundant well-being.
This is a way of love and being loved.

This is your time.
Are you ready?
Are you willing to step into this new way of being?

Take a moment and tune in.
Attune to you.
You are the miracle.

This is your time.

Open your heart.
You are the love.
Open to your heart.
You are the magic.

You are amazing.
You are a divine being: flowing, pulsing, dancing, moving, creating, experiencing, being:
You are life.
You are alive.

You are the new way.
I invite you into this new way.
I invite you into you.
I invite you to spread your wings and fly.

The wait is over.
Your someday is today.
Your someday is now.
This is your time.

Now is the time.

Open, awaken, embrace your spirit, embrace your light, embrace your courage, your grace, your beauty; and fly.
Embrace you.


Joe Hurley

1 comment:

Michelle Garrison Hough said...

Thank you so much, Joe. I am going to follow your blog now and read as much of your stuff as I can! Your work is touching a lot of lives, and mine is just one of the many! Blessings, Michelle