Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love Simple

Unconditional love is a love so simple.
Pure wisdom is a knowing that is so sweet.
The divine plan is a plan that is so simple.
A path, a purpose: a way of being: so complete.

Much more than a direction or following a line;
it is more like a movement that flows beyond time.
Like a dance and a rhythm; it is truly amazing.
It is beautiful and magical and truly fulfilling.

What is this new way that I am seeing?
It is a simple way of loving and living and being.
It is accepting and honoring of path and of vision.
It is embracing the old and embracing the new.

This is a time for living and loving.
This is a time to be and to do.
This is a way of pure divine wisdom.
This is a way of love that is simple and true.

Joe Hurley

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