Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Time of Ascension

Ascension is the raising of our awareness.
Ascension is the raising of our vibration.
Ascension is the raising of our consciousness.

Ascension starts when we love.
Love raises us up.

This is a time of our ascension.
This is a time of our love.

- Joe Hurley



Anonymous said...

Ascension is a good word for what is coming about these days, I fell like maybe I might be Ascending and then i am going farther down than i would like. The Part that scares me is growing and everything changing, and whether the pain i feel or the horror i feel when something suddenly changes and I am not in Control. But whether iam ready for it or whether i want it to happen everyone Ascends and I just need to go with the flow...Thanks for writting such inspirtaional articles...DreamerGurl

Joe Hurley said...

Hi Dreamer Gurl,

It is fascinating this ascension process that is our awakening to our divine higher selves and then the feeling of descending downward. I guess this cycle is natural...since we are awakening to both our higher vibrational spirit self and to our lower vibrational human instinctive fears and concerns. We are awakening to both our higher and our lower selves.

I can certainly relate to the fear of change and letting go of control. This is why I spend so much time opening to my spirit love and wisdom. It is that love part of myself that helps to soothe and comfort the panic and fear parts.

I know that eventually the fear parts of our human selves will be soothed, healed, and guided by our love and they then will ascend too and then we will be in total harmony with peace, wisdom, and love.

thanks for the kind comments,