Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Journey Into Being

Here is an excerpt from one of my writings recently about our human journey:

This is a journey into a deeper state of "being."
This "being" is what we "trust."
It is a "trust" in the moment.
It is a trust in the "being" in each moment.
It is a trust in the true message of our inner voice, hunch, deeper sense, gut feeling, divine wisdom, and heartfelt love, in each moment.

In this moment, it is true that many in the world are consumed with external focus.
But many people are shifting out of this one-dimensional focus.
Many are learning to trust being, and relating to all beings, almost without focus, without future, without structure, and without limits.

This shift is an amazing expansion into a new conscious reality. (I guess that is why connecting with plants, animals, nature, and other forms of life is so powerful during this transformation: they are consciousness; pure beings in the moment with little external, conceptual, time or space agenda.)

We are transitioning into a new time.
This is a time of heart connection.
It is a time of wisdom and love, and divine multidimensional connection.
It is a time to go deeper into the experience of one's unique and individuated being and to get to know the unique inner signature in a new and deeper way.
It is a time to expand into the oneness and sense and connect with all that is, on all levels.

Since this is such a new way for human form to operate, it is a new and amazing process of transformation.
It is a process of letting go of external attachments and of past ways of relating.
It is about clearing up and releasing limited beliefs based on long held distortion and illusion.
This is a process of releasing all that is no longer in alignment and of reconnecting with the true divine self, in the present, deep within the density of human form; and then connecting with all other forms based on pure divine essence, individuality, and pure multidimensional wholeness.

In the moment, during the transformation it is lonely at times (individuation), it is painful at times (letting go of old ways), it is surreal at times (opening to the new and unknown), it is empty at times (getting used to having no agenda, judgment, role or rule), and yet from the larger picture perspective the transformation is amazing.

It is about coming into unique, individuated, multidimensional wholeness, and then coming into pure divine oneness with all that is as a unique individuated whole multidimensional being.

We are taking this step with our consciousness.

We are bringing this consciousness into all the levels of our being.

This is our true unfolding, expanding, blossoming.

This is our coming to life!

Joe Hurley